Multimedia Editing


Multimedia Editing

In addition to writing and game development, my skillset includes producing and editing audio and video content. Below is a selection of work I have created. 


Documentary: We Probably Shouldn’t be Doing This

Directed and produced an 11-minute documentary about my Carnegie Mellon graduate student team’s journey to build a game engine in 15 weeks.

pixel pizza

From 2013 to 2015, I hosted, wrote, produced, and edited this radio show for Emerson College's WECB online station. The 2-hour primetime show focused on chiptune music and interviewing prominent figures in the video game industry including developers, composers, journalists, and webshow hosts. 


"What were they thinking? lessons from the catastrophe"

Assisted Sir Harold Evans, Editor-at-Large of Thomson Reuters, with a live panel on the repercussions of World War I on the 100th anniversary of the war. Panelists included Henry Kissinger and Madeline Albright. Wrote discussion topics, compiled music, and put together a thorough brochure for all attendees.