Published Work


Published Work

A compilation of my writing published on a number of high-profile websites. 


“Behind the Black Box: Sessions with Game Engine Programmers”

Collaborated with a five-person team of programming students to conduct interviews with ten engine professionals from across the industry. We also transcribed the conversations for clarity. Presented and sold at GDC 2019. You can download a PDF for free or buy a printed copy for $3.

Playcrafting nyc

I was invited to discuss my path in game development on game education organization Playcrafting NYC's community website. In the article, I explain how I got into the field, what I hope to accomplish, and how I developed the several Unity games I made in 2016. 

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breakthru radio

Selected works from my time as an editorial intern at NYC-based news site BreakThru Radio. Includes investigative reports on meditation, Shia LaBeouf's "All my Movies" event, and video games of the year.  


the mary sue

News and editorial pieces written while interning for Dan Abrams' website chain Abrams Media. Work focused on film, science, and video games.